Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Worst Saturday Night Ever!

*Now I want to add a disclaimer that this is not the fault of any of the lovely ladies I was out with. They were having as much fun (maybe a tiny bit more) than me. It just so happened that the place we went to was all types of wack.*

Now one hopes that when they make the trek into Philly on a Saturday night, that there night is going to be stellar. That they will find a fun bar, lounge, club or all of the above- mingle- and drink excellent not to pricey drinks. We're not New York by any means, but Philadelphians can still have cheap fun right? Well don't even bother looking for cheap or fun if you go to Vango Lounge. This is definitely the worst lounge I have been to in downtown and I've been to a good few. You have to wait in line to get inside (which should have tipped me off- especially when they didn't charge at the door). That in itself isn't bad, except the wait is ridiculous for what you get inside.

Once inside you immediately notice the drunken females cloistered around the stripper's pole placed conveniently in the middle of the non-used dance floor. The amount of females in skirts (and no stockings) who get up on the pole and flail back down flashing everyone as they go, is ridiculous. Not only is it dangerous (surprised they haven't had a lawsuit on their hands yet) but it's also trashy. The bar is usually crowded, but that's mostly because there isn't really any other place to stand unless you have a reserved table. (A problem that seems to exist at almost all the lounges I've been to.)

Now there is a huge line to get upstairs to the "Skybar" area. Of course they don't tell you until you're in the front of the line that you need a drink to get upstairs. I ended up paying $8 for a watered down bottom shelf whiskey & ginger. I sincerely believe that I was drinking water with a hint of ginger ale. Talk about outrageous pricing. We're not in New York people. At least $8 will get me a worthwhile drink in a lounge there....

If the concept of waiting inline to get into the lounge itself, then waiting in another line just to get to the dance floor where there is actual good music (the 1st floor DJ is garbage- and I like house/techno) isn't ridiculous in itself; the amount of drunk women coming down the stairs (one had to be carried out by a bouncer) just blows the mind. Waiting 30 minutes in a line just to dance in a lounge is not worth it. Just go to a club.

Finally after said 30 minutes we finally made it to the skybar. I will admit, the upstairs wasn't that bad. I can bet that it's extremely popular during Spring and Summer because of the huge outdoor area which was really attractive. Unfortunately it was too cold and the area wasn't officially open for use. The indoor area however was in use by a too large group of people for the size of the room. The music was really good hip hop. But that's all about the place had going for it.

All in all. I'd give this place a C. Maybe if I come back during the Spring and can get right upstairs I'll give it a B/B-. But please believe I won't order another mixed drink for the life of me. So don't go to Vango during the cold season. Not worth it at all.