Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving on

I'm sure you've noticed a certain lack of anything going on with this blog. Sorry folks. I admit that I've taken quite a liking to yelp (elite status!) and find myself doing my reviews there.

I could continue to give excuses as to why I've fallen off, but I won't. I got lazy and focused on other things. There, I said it.

All that being said.

I have a new blog.

I know, I know. You're thinking: You couldn't even do anything with this one and yet you're starting a new blog? Well, this one is actually going to work. Want to know why?

I have the support of 3 other bloggers who are joining me in this venture. We already have many posts up, I'm having a lot of fun, we are planning to revamp our blog design, and are ready to write more.

I hope you will join us over at Sister Escape. I'm having fun writing and I have three ladies constantly reminding me to post. It's going well so far.

So join the escape!