Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME! 21 is so sweet!

Thanks to everyone for the many birthday greetings and well wishes. I feel so loved!!! My 21st was fantastic!!! I drank a little in front of my mom at lunch (and didn't feel guilty at all!), got my hair done, and finished my night off with a few drinks! A satisfying way to start the 22nd year of my life (and yes the math does work).

Any celebration worthy birthday must come with a few comments and recaps. And I have a few of course!

I have re-found a great natural hair place in Philly. Au Naturale is a fantastic natural hair care salon that has impressed me with its charming and warm staff, holistic feel, and cutely decorated interior. It is a bit pricey, but the staff and the ambience of the salon make up for it. I have been natural all my life, save for added color, and have been weary of hair salons from past bad experiences. I have had multiple experiences of burned and damaged hair after coming from a salon because the iron was too hot and/or they just don't know what to do with my type of hair. It can be very frustrating to have to chop off my already short (less than shoulder-length) hair to a very close to scalp length curly doo. It does help that my head shape makes my short doos work but after growing my hair out for so long (and my hair grows very slowly), having to cut it all off because someone who is supposed to be certified in hair care failed to actually care for your hair, can be a bit annoying. So I hide from hair salons, and have taken to doing my own hair and trimming it myself. However, as it was my birthday and being in Europe for 4 months didn't afford me the chance to get my hair done (language barrier, money, and fear where key in my decision not to try hair salons over there) for a very long time, so a trim and a new style were in order. Looking through the few options of natural hair places in Philly (which is shocking since we are the soul capital of America) I chose Au Naturale because I had been there once before and had an okay experience and because the other places looked a little too out of my price range.

I appreciate the simple things, and Au Naturale is simply a great place to go and get your hair done. The staff and other customers are friendly, not too talkative, and very laid back- qualities I find necessary for a great salon experience. They know and understand well natural hair. I truely appreciate this because (nothing against chemically treated hair) their is something very holistic about natural hair treatment and it's hard (IMO) to find someone who specializes or at the very least knows how to take care of natural hair correctly. At the very least stop by, get a consultation, check out the place and staff, and look over the price list. You can either make an appointment or do walk in Tuesdays. If you are going to do Tuesdays, there is a 10% discount on every style and if you arrive early (opens at 8) you could be first in and out. I got there at 7:55 and was out by 9:30. I paid $75 for two strand twists and a trim, a bit pricey, but for the overall experience, worth it in my book.

AN: Now that I'm 21 I'll be checking out drink spots all around Philly and the surrounding area. Look out for upcoming updates! Summer in Philly is so much fun and the perfect time to explore!! Year 21 here I come!!

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